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Executive Coaching...Leadership Coaching


 Linda Schmidt asks the right questions, deeply listens and offers practical recommendations to:
  • Improve communication at all levels
  • Break down barriers and defuse conflicts
  • Build positive partnerships internally & externally
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Embrace and manage change
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Break through obstacles
  • Bring clarity to complex issues
  • Give focus to strategic planning
  • Move your business forward with energy and enthusiasm

Group training sessions adapted specifically for each client's needs can be provided.



Some coaching topics for individuals and businesses:


 Guidance on developing enhanced communication among multiple teams - whether they are multiple individuals or departments in one building, multiple locations in the United States, or multiple global locations:

    reduce friction between groups individuals
    greater cross-fertilization of ideas & people
    free flowing exchange of information

 Coaching on how to have people contribute their very best and raise them to a new level

 Guidance on preparing for and implementing change constructively



 Effecting real, meaningful differences in behaviors and outcomes most often is a result of personalized interaction and coaching of small groups or individuals.