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Excerpts from business leaders:

"Linda Schmidt's coaching expertise is second to none."

-Vice President, global company

"Linda's open approach towards new acquisitions into the corporate family and her support helped our transition."

-Executive Vice President, European company

"Linda, you demonstrated the capability to communicate with [non-US] subsidiaries and also to understand the various interests and capabilities of the widespread operating units."

-Regional Director, Nordic, Baltic, SE Asia and Russian markets, European company

"In all my discussions and dealings with Linda, I have found her to be an astute observer of human nature, with an excellent sense of how to identify and improve upon our staff's interpersonal skills."

-General Manager, US company


"[In her senior leadership role as Vice President of Continuous Improvement] Linda became the contact person for my company, Conway Management Company. She became the action leader for planning, doing the education and training, developing the projects for improvement, and helping the project teams carry out the improvements. Linda had widespread knowledge of and acceptance by people in the company. She made substantial overall improvements. I highly recommend Linda Schmidt."

-Bill Conway,
Chairman & CEO, Conway Management Company


"In preparation for the assignment, Linda conducted extensive interviews with the company's management. This approach greatly added to the effectiveness of the seminar. The seminar was very well received by the participants, and positive results were immediately observed in the workplace. We have further utilized Linda's skills to serve as a personal coach for senior managers. Her insights and recommendations continue to allow these individuals to grow and enhance their effectiveness at the company."

-General Manager, US company

"Linda is a dynamic person... intelligent, dedicated, energetic, creative, and has great experience...a valuable asset to any business."

-Senior Vice President, global company

Typical feedback from clients' anonymously submitted forms responding to the request to provide their reactions to the presentation or discussion style of Linda Schmidt in coaching sessions:


"Linda is a real motivator."    -Project team

Feedback from clients' anonymously submitted forms responding to the request to state what their sessions with Linda Schmidt gave them. Responses are from both small group and individual sessions:

"Confidence and optimisim to find positive and productive solutions to problems I previously thought were unsolvable - in work and in my personal life"

"Under- standing that change requires courage, and the encouragement to take action despite having fear"

"A chance to experience a new view of change and to be provided with the tools to embrace change"

"Enlightenment on the potential for better communications to improve effectiveness and efficiency"

"Better understanding of teamwork and a realization that I'm part of a whole... a more positive outlook on working together as a team"

"New perspectives on situations... understanding of others' viewpoints... a more open mind"

"Renewed desire to change and evolve in positive directions"

"Clarity on how to improve behavior, work environment and productivity"

"Ideas on how to make improvements /changes in the way I approach and implement my work"

"Awareness of my attitude and its impact... good insight into the attitudes of change"

"Many good suggestions to improve working relationships"

"Affirmation that individuals can make a difference"

"Optimism... Encouragement... Inspiration..."